SkinRunners feat. Billy Sheehan – Phoenix

Official Press Information

SkinRunners is the first rock band that takes action, founded for Metaverse. Rock’n’verse will be the main platform for rock bands, offers services to create their own NFT projects. SkinRunners is the first project.

There will be 3 singles with 3 music videos and 3 different generative art collections combined with a special edition version of the singles with 3,333 supplies at the SkinRunners NFT project.

In each collection, there will be 10.000$ instrument giveaways. Special edition version songs include the clues of the mysterious treasure hunt.

The holders of three phases (each of them should behold) will enter the treasure hunt. After the competition ends there will be a raffle between the first 10 people, who solve the puzzle and the winner will get the big prize!

Band Members:
Vocals: Bartu Gülhan
Lead Guitars & Back Vox: Selçuk Eser
Rhythm Guitars & Keys: Çağdaş Sarıcı
Bass Guitar: Koray Işıldak
Drums: Erdinç Acar

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