SIRANNON ”Semper Caliga”

Unmerciful Death Productions – 2011 – Turkey

Recently a cd of the year 2011 how I think is nevertheless merit to be introduced in the year 2012, got into my hands. The female band SIRANNON is from Turkey. Musically active since 2005 they released with “Semper Caliga” their first full-length cd.

“Semper Caliga” initially starts very symphonic and calm. “Annon Morin” gets along quite without vocals and works alone by piano, violin and drums. But at the next song “Lunar Seas” already the silence and contemplation is reversed lightening into its opposite. Now you can hear Black Metal. SIRANNON present now very lively and pitch-black their true colours. Hard, icy riffs unite with solid Black Metal frameworks to an independent mass. Dark worlds of ice and hopelessness develop. Supported by distinctive, nagging growls pitch-black hateful songs develop. The powerful drumming yet reinforces this impression. Conscious kept simple riffs give additional authenticity and originalty. SIRANNON drive in musical waters of bands like ASTARTE withiout thereby to copy. On the contrary! The Ladies find their very own style which becomes very well to them! “Semper Caliga” got a very intense and at the same time but also lively record. Who says that women can’t play any Black Metal is disabused here at the latest!!! Listen to SIRANNON and form your own opinion!!


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