Signs of Tranquility – Savior (Video)

Official Press Information

“We are a 5-piece Melodic Metal band with Electronic Elements out of Denver, Colorado. This project started with compositions Justin Davis (Drummer/Samples) had been creating since 2012. Kaylie Haynes (Lead Vocals) and Kevin Shaw (Guitar) joined in March 2019, and the creative chemistry became instantly apparent as we began to work on the music together. Jace Pembroke (Bass) finalized the original lineup and we went into the studio late that year to start recording our self-titled album.

Signs of Tranquility first debuted our live show in January 2020. When the pandemic shut down live music shortly thereafter, we focused heavily on recording music and videos for our debut album, which is nearly complete. Late 2021 saw rapid growth in the band, expanding to a 5-piece with the addition of a second guitarist, Sean Smith, and a new bassist, Steve Stockburger. The band also signed to DI Records at this time. We are constantly seeking to expand and improve, and are excited to be planning even bigger and better things in the coming years!”

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