SIEGEWYRM ”Legends of the Oathsworn”

Fog Industries Records – 2012 – U.S.A.

A while ago the Americans SIEGEWYRM put their “Legends Of The Oathsworn“ via Forge Industries Records on the Metal market.

To describe the music of SIEGEWYRM in one sentence is difficult for me. You initially think you would have a Death Metal production. But, this is only superficial the case. Here are mingled Death Metal base frames with some other Metal genres. From Hardcore elements, Nu Metal insertions through to melodic passages everything is represented. But, don’t worry! This variety of styles doesn’t lead into chaos. It rather develops thereby the unique sound of SIEGEWYRM. The aggressive, hard basic thrust however always lasts at all experiments. The forceful drumming and the powerful bass lines already make it sure. The variable vocals who covers a wide range from hard growls to extremely melodic vocals shows the bands’ diversity. Who is into this kind of mixture of styles whom can I unhesitatingly recommend SIEGEWYRM!!!

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