SHRIKE ”Sieben”

The German band SHRIKE put in April 2014 their already third cd “Sieben“ on the market.
SHRIKE offer here Black Metal in all its facets. Once pitch-black and raw then again melodic til Doom-tinted. But, don’t worry. Aggressiveness and energy never get lost for all experiments. Multi-variant riffs which build together with forceful bass-lines and a powerful, however not superimposing drumming the base frame. Short excursions into Thrash Metal, Rock or Death Metal realms make the cd energetic and fresh. The skilful deployed variations in speed do one last thing to make “Sieben“ to a very diversified Black Metal album. The vocals insert outstanding into the overall structure. The lyrics are all written in German language which is an additional advantage. Very ambitious and professional recorded SHRIKE show that Black Metal must not be dull and monotonous. Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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