SHRAPNEL ”Hellbound”

Self-Released – 2010 – Avustralia

2 membered band from Australia Shrapnel is formed in 1999 and release their first product this year. “Hellbound” is an independent work, recorded by the band itself, mix and mastering are done by Aidan Barton in Sovereign Studios.

You can see the members in the other bands like Dybbuk (Aus), The Furor, Pagan (Aus), Pathogen (Aus), Militant Mass, Nervecell (Dubai), Mhorgl, Choke, Vespers Descent. And members of Shrapnel never changed.

Sound is like a war, as you can feel from the band logo. The vocal that you will hear in satanic and alcoholism themed songs feels more like coming from hell from other thrash bands, closer to scream vocal. They modernised 80s thrash metal. Agressive, fast and hard. This isn’t a band I complain about, I could get what I want about old school from them.

2 membered band put more musicality than 4-5 membered bands, as the members are experienced. Hoping that we won’t wait for another 11 years for a new album, I suggest this to those who don’t want to give up old school thrash and want it modernised.


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