Metal Scrap Records – 2012 – Poland

The Poles SHAME YOURSELF released last year their debut album “Wonderfuck“. It is distributed via Metal Scrap Records.

What can I expect as a listener of this production? Thrash Metal through and through from the first to the last note. Modern edited the energetic riffs go definitively forwards. Powerful drumming and forceful bass lines act supportive and give sustainability. Despite of quite a bit melodic insertions “Wonderfuck“ is nevertheless hard and powerful. The distinctive vocals of vocalist Klusek which are multi-variant and energetic make this already sure. By the skilful changes of tempi the cd receives additional alternation which only benefits the production as such one. Very ambitious and experienced recorded you can also productional not grumble. SHAME YOURESELF are with “Wonderfuck“ successful in creating a modern Thrash Metal album which comes in fresh and nevertheless orientated on its original roots. I can only recommend “Wonderfuck“!!!

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