Self-Released – 2013 – Spain

SERVI DIABOLI from Malaga, Spanin put in 2013 a new EP on the scene. It is called “We Are Hidden“ and is again distributed in in-house production.

And it goes immediately flat out! Severe Black Metal salvoes of the pitch-black kind resound to the listener. Metal riffs unite with dark sound frameworks to an independent musical mass. Thereby the riffs are quite variable and diversified. They even make leeway to the Death Metal and Experimental area. Supported by a powerful drumming which can also be very fast “We Are Hidden“ is thus given energy and variability without thereby leaving the Black Metal path. The distinctive, emphatic growls reinforce aggressiveness and darkness of the EP. “We Are Hidden“ got a very intense, but also experimental record. Compared to the last demo the band got more variable and more diversified. I can only recommend SERVI DIABOLI!!!

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