SERVI DIABOLI ”Fear,Suffering&Death”

Self Released – 2014- Spain

The 1-man project SERVI DIABOLI released after a demo and a cd his first full-length cd “Fear, Suffering, Death“ in in-house production.
You can hear here Black Metal. Distinctly tinted by his new home country Norway (Armando Luiz previously lived in Spain) the songs are however independent and in no case copies. Emphatic, intense and pitch-black. The all in all nine songs take the listener straight into dark worlds of ice and pain. Essentially more diversified played riffs that at the previous productions. They are nevertheless straight and leave not much room for experiments or excursions into other realms. The speed of “Fear, Suffering, Death“ is nevertheless very high although there are as well slower passages for the listener to breathe air. But, don’t worry! The like volleys spattering down doubleblast attacks doesn’t fail to have the desired effect here. On top of that the emphatic, screaming growls which are very emotional and at the same time destructive. Temporary breaks colour the production in a gruesome, morbid way in order to go flat out the next moment! Very diversified and dedicated recorded Black Metal which parties hard without being dull. Here gets the sympathetic Old School Black Metal fan his money worth. Absolutely recommendation to buy!!!!


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