SEPTIC CHRIST ”Guilty as We Were Born”

Malevolence Records – 2012 – Germany

SEPTIC CHRIST are from Germany. They put their cd “Guilty As We Were Born“ in 2012 on the scene.

The intro “Guilty As We Were Born“ starts with very melodic guitar riffs which gets along quite without any vocals. But at the following song “Starstruck“ already the musical direction of “Guilty As We Were Born“ conveys. Here is played Thrash Metal through and through. A mixture of ANTHRAX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and SODOM which nevertheless gets across independent and fresh. Very energetic drumming and thrilling riffs let the production stagnate at no time and shape the typical sound of SEPTIC CHRIST. The snotty, cheeky vocals of vocalist Bobby Shortleg do one last thing. Sophisticated arrangements and brimming over joy of playing round off the positive general impression. SEPTIC CHRIST are here successful in delivering another strong piece of Thrash Metal. Check out SEPTIC CHRIST. You won’t regret it!!!

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