Self-released – 2012 – Russia/Turkey

Some days ago an extremely unusual production found its way into my Metal letterbox. There is talk of the Russian / Turkish duo SENMUTH & SERKAN FALAY. Together the gents have put this year their actual band AEGNOR aside in order to release as a project the cd “Semrük Bürküt” (= 2 headed eagle with human body).

The intro “Kalganci Gak” (= Doomsday) is a very calm little short of spheric instrumental song. It developed its impact while adding traditional oriental Folk music which is subtle kept in the background. The listener is abducted in a musical fairy tale of Arabian Nights. But, pay attention! The second song “Hakan” (= King/Emperor) destroys this silence and relaxation within fewer seconds. Traditional oriental Folk music comes here into play a very worth hearing symbiosis with hard Metal riffs. You may initially perhaps not believe at all, but this mixture is simply awesome!

For the western ear a bit unusual the song develops enormous power and sustainability. Supported by powerful drumlines you doesn’t miss here any vocals. By the diversified use of transcendent and occident sounds the cd receives variety and variability. The symbiosis between two different musical styles results in a very unique mixture which is powerful and at the same time calm and thoughtful. “Semrük Bürküt” moves in the mid tempo area and receives additional enery by the variable use of different tempi. The songs deal with old, Turkish myths and sagas which are implemented in tones. Pure mysticism! Technical on a high level recorded is this a very interesting cd for which you should take time in order to be able to conceive the entire musical spectrum. “Semrük Bürküt” got a little pearl between all the other numberless Folk Metal cds from all over the world which singles out positively. I can only recommend SENMUTH & SERKAN FALAY. Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!!

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