SEKORIA”Im Reich Der Schatten”

Kernkraftritter Records – 2015 – Germany

SEKORIA are from Germany. In November 2015 they released their second cd which is called “Im Reich Der Schatten“. They receive support at this by the label Kernkraftritter Records.
Starting with an orchestral intro (“Einbruch Der Dunkelheit“) which gets along without any vocals let yet guess which dark opus will come up to the listener. At the second song “Im Reich der Schatten“ at the latest it becomes a security: SEKORIA serve here finest Black Metal. Meodic riffs which nevertheless come across intense and dark mix with the melancholy and the hardness of Black Metal to an independen musical mixture. It let develop worlds of fire and ice. Thereby SEKORIA doesn’t become addicted into sheer copying of old musical structures. By the skilful mixing of faster and also slower passages the guys show that they know their craft and exactly know what they want. Technical played the hard doubleblast drumming supports the harsh character of the production without thereby drowning down too much the melodic aspects. The very emphatic growls make “Im Reich Der Schatten“ to a Black Metal production with a difference. But, don’t worry! It is not poached here too much into avant garde realms! You can recognize here at any time the actual character of the songs. A further advantage is for me that all lyrics are written in German language. With much blood, sweat and tears and a lot of dedication recorded songs which are very professional. Modern edited they show how Black Metal can sound like in the year 2016!!!!


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