SEITA ”Asymmetric Warfare”

SAOL – 2012 – Netherlands

Is this the new Sepultura album ? That was my first thought when Seita’s debut album “Asymmetric Warfare” started with the opening track “The Awakening”. The energetic roars of Michel Gambini (vocals/guitars) are very similar to the voice of Sepultura’s Derrick Green. Seita actually are a band from Brazil but the four guys in its line-up for years live and play in Amsterdam. After the EP “Imprint Forever”,now it is time for their first full-length album in which you will discover ten tracks of furious thrash/death metal with modern sound. Seita’s music is an explosive mix of Sepultura,Machine Head,Pantera (in their heaviest form) and some metallic hardcore acts like Hatebreed and Merauder. Songs like “Know Your Enemy” (there is a video for that track on this site so check it out),”The Riot Starter Inside Everyone”,”What Cures”…are meant to create large moshpits at every metal festival. The production of “Assymetric Warfare” is on a very good level and every instrument sounds clear and powerful. The four guys in Seita are obviously experienced musicians and they know how to play tight and aggressive riffs and beats. So if you are fan of Sepultura (it really doesn’t matter with or without Max Cavalera in this particular case)you need to look for Seita’s debut CD because this album is one solid piece of brutal aggressive thrash metal. Nothing more,nothing less!


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