SECTIONED ”Purulent Reality”

Paragon Records – 2010 – England

Sectioned are an interesting proposition. These gentlemen hail from the UK were formed recently during 2006 and put out a promo in 2007. This review you are currently reading is about their 2010 release Purulent Reality.

Sectioned play an interesting strain of death metal. Dismemberment seems to be an important influence here. The songs are primarily fixed to a solid midtempo, forgoing blastbeats for steady pounding double bass. The production is on the heavy side, a perfect complement to the palm-muted, thrash-influenced chugs. The bass is faintly discernable, plodding away dutifully behind the guitar. The drum production is unremarkable, but serviceable.

Despite the heavy emphasis on creating a strong sense of rhythm, plenty of attention is given to the guitar leads. By contrast to the thick, crunchy rhythm guitar tone, the lead is sharp, clear, and crisp. The leads employ numerous harmonies, and there’s even the occasional solo, very much like aforementioned influence Dismemberment. Sectioned vocalist the M primarily employs a throaty, midranged snarl, throwing in gutturals and screams when the music calls for it.

“The Loneliest Man” is one of the heavier and faster tracks off the album, showcasing Sectioned strong sense of headbangable rhythm with buzzsaw tremolo riffs surging over stampeding double bass. Enjoyable stuff.

“Behind My Eyes” and opener “A Lonely Grasp of Winter” see the band touting the same rhythmic foundation but with more leads and solos. The latter tends to drag on, while the former stays focused. It’s one of the more dynamically varied tracks on the album, if not the most, and goes into a headbanging thrash break during the halfway mark. One of the album’s finer moments.
The rest of the songs off Purulent Reality more or less follow the same formula and the results are similarly successful. The closing title track drags on during its final minutes which detracts from its strength. Otherwise, not much can be faulted. A solid release.


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