SEAGRAVE ”Stabwound”

Art of Propaganda – 2015 – Austria

The Austrian 1-man band SEAGRAVE released this year their debut cd “Stabwound“ with the help of the label The Art Of Propaganda
The listener is offered here a very indeendent mixture of Black Metal with Rock elements. Gloomy and nevertheless melodic presented in a modern guise. An emotional rollercoaster in the form of notes is generated by the diversified riffs which has definitely goosebumps. The aggressive doubleblast drumming in the extremely emotional growls increase hardness, rage and despair. Spoken passages by a female voice interspersed now and then offer short breathers. A musical journey with a lot of emotion and darkness which goes deep into the inwards of the soul. You can literally feel here depression and hopelessness. Dense sound walls which nearly crush the listener show the incredible variability. “Stabwound“ became a no easy to consume cd which contains a lot of facets within itself. But, this is surely intended. Very dedicated recorded show SEAGRAVE aka Yay Trainwreck that Depressive Black Metal music must not be inevitably borig. On the contrary! Get yourself into this musical journey of the special kind. You won’t regret it!!!!


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