SCUM SENTINEL – ” Scumshot”

Productions of Scum – 2012 – Canada

The Canadians SCUM SENTINEL put with “Scumshot“ their already second full-length on the market.

To classify the band musically is difficult. Black Metal base frames come upon several Thrash Metal influences. Thus “Scumshot“ receives more variability. Also the riffs vary very much. You can even hear halting riffs. But,the darkness always remains. Here is experimented a lot which becomes the production and which is in contrast to many Metal productions. Speed-wise is SCUM SENTINEL pretty fast on the go which gives the whole additional dynamics. Despite of several variations in speed the listener has no time rest. The vocals also reflect the bands’ wealth of variants. From snotty, cheecky through to dark growls is everything contained. Bands like ARCTURUS cross my mind while listening. SCUM SENTINEL nevertheless doesn’t copy, but find their very own style. Who is into experimental and arbitrary Black Metal whom be warmly recommended “Scumshot“!!!!


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