Massacre Records – 2012 – Germany

SCORNAGE are already some kind of Thrash legend in Germany. The band honours us with their meodies for over a decade. Their latest trick is “ReaFEARance“ which is distributed via Massacre Records.

SCORNAGE play Thrash Metal with a sound portion of Death Metal. Modern edited the gents make for the necessary drive. Diversified riffs and forceful bass lines give rise to a mellow and nevertheless hard sound. This is achieved by an incredible drumming which partially reaches vertiginous speed and yet reinforces and manifest. The multi-variant vocals (from growls via nagging vocals through to clean vocals is everything represented here) do one last thing! You distinctly hear that grown musicians were at work who know their stuff. The all in all ten songs are very dynamic and fresh. Headbanging from the first to the last minute is therefore the order of the day!! That it is also productional a more valuable album already shows the fact that no less a figure than Andy Classen sit on the controllers. Technical on a high level recorded “ReaFEARance“ is an absolutely must-buy for all Thrash Metal fans and also Death Metal fans!!!

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