Hi Lennon,nice to see your band on the page of Extreminal! Could you tell us what Scibex is ?
First of all, thank you very much for giving us the chance on the page of Extreminal. Scibex is a Brazilian band whose current format began in 2011. The name Scibex is a neologism, and having a name created by ourselves means that we want to build our own aesthetics and style. We have influences off course, but we just want to create the song through the way we fell better. Some calls us avant-gard, some call us Black Metal, so, fell free to listen and enjoy!

How you describe your sound in a one complete sentence ? Because Scibex has different taste music and compositions,Progresive touches and depressed background ?
The sound of Scibex is free for all interpretations. For example, we don´t think that our song is depressive, for us is something more about being introspective, but as I said, you can describe it according to the way you feel it, so the best word is "subjective". We have into the songs different influences, touches and aesthetics, and this is what means for us, getting free from dualisms that limit the creativity. Here we have the sentence: “a song indescribable in just one sentence.”

We should talk about lyrical philosopy,what Scibex tell us on songs? Who compose this songs and wrote a lyrics ?
The lyrics of Scibex was composed mainly by me, but we have 2 lyrics composed by the Multimedia artist Edgar Franco (Posthuman Tantra). The main conception of the lyrics are really open for many kinds of interpretations, but the main idea is the evolution of thoughts, the transcendence to another level of consciousness and everyone whose intentions converge to this kind of mind “elevation” must travel through a path!

I ve to ask about cover artwork of PATH OF OMORS ,could you tell us story of this work ?
Well, since the single “Error Bath”, we have all the covers made by Edgar Franco, he’s a great friend of mine and always agreed with the main ideas of the lyrics. This work was really well thinked and we asked him to make this “raw” style of the colors and finish of the artwork. The beings that appears in the artwork represents that ones mentioned in the lyrics. Matha, the evil one, its Matworms that carries the sons of her, etc. These creatures represent all of those errors that make us weak against the world mess (monetarism, racism, materialism).

What Scibex think about the Brazilian metal scene and do you think Scinex in a part of this scene ? How is your supporter rate ?
Well, as Brazil is a big country, what we can realize is that is a paradoxical scene. We can find good bands and festivals that deserve respect, but on the other hand we have a lack of recognizing it as a professional thing and a great number of people who don’t take it seriously. But, is better to do your job than to stop and complain, but yes, we have great obstacles. Anyway, Scibex is a part of this scene, and we want to show that besides all the problems we can do it, and reach next levels. Our support rate is getting better, since we´ve released our debut, we have seen a lots of good reviews and people curious about what we´re doing.

What do you think about science of pschology ? Sczirophenia,Anxiety and other kinds of illness?
I think that is some things that we create and the entire world that surround us contributes to make this “diseases” alive in us, we treat this here as our “Matworms”. Your question reminds me the pharmacy industry which in partnership with medicine controls who is gonna live and die, never wants for real the search and discover of diseases cure, because it will be its ruin. Therefore, there is a huge space between what real science is and what “monetarism science” is.

What does Scibex mean? Any weird story on it?
If you mean the word Scibex, is a mix of words that represents evolution, non-material thoughts, wide perspectives and no limits!

What Scibex think about Politicy,and political way you guys supported?
I think that to put all the human subjetivities into tittles like “right wing” or “left wing” is a great mistake. We all know that on the history of mankind even when a theory is good ,on its practicing, we just see shits happening. Is not about being just negative person, is about realizing that when something is made through a passion by a political symbol, title and a name, you must realize that is not made by necessity. And these dualisms make the people get blinded, coz if you follow this way of thinking, or you are on one side, or other side, and between this, there are a lot of aspects that you must think about. I´ve seen a lot of conflicts, hostilities happening and in the mostly cases I realize that maybe they are just following a symbol. To give you names, if communists, liberals, conservatives stop to think about themselves like those titles, they could have good relationship between each other. We know that europe was fucked up by this “isms” and the whole world keep being fucked up by this as well. Before any culture, social difference, ideology, we are humans. We have passions and pains, feelings and wills.

Anyway it was nice Scibex see on my pages, what will Scibex planning for near future and what s your last words ?
For sure there is a great honor for us to be here! We are planning to soon play alive! That’s what we want most! I would like to thank everyone that supports us and send some positive and real words of our music!
Lennon: Thanks for the attention and we appreciate all kinds of supporting! We would like to say to the readers that soon we have plans to go to Europe and play a big tour, so if you enjoyed the band, let´s keep contact, maybe one day you can see Scibex on your town! Support zines, pages, bands and metal!

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