SCENT OF DEATH – ” Of Martyrs’s Agony and Hate “

Pathologically Explicit Recordings-2013- Spain

The Spaniards SCENT OF DEATH released some time ago their second full-length cd named “Of Martyrs & Agony And Hate“ via Pathological Recordings.

The gents play modern Death Metal. Fresh, enegrgetic Death Metal riffs melt with powerful doubleblast drumming to the bands’ sound. This happens with a multi-varant highspeed drumming which drags the listener into an undertow of hardness, rapidity and aggressiveness. Here is headbanging from the first to the last minute the order of the day! The very emphatic, dark growls yet reinforce hardness and hate. The production definitely goes forwards and is thrilling. You can even hear melodic speckles now and then. The taut atmosphere is thus a bit straightened out without thereby loosing their actual musical path. SCENT OF DEATH mix thereby skilful these components. “ Of Martyrs & Agony And Hate“ is getting thereby diversified and innovative. Very dedicated and professional recorded I can only recommend SCENT OF DEATH. Fans of modern Death Metal willbe delighted in this cd!!!!


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