SCARNIVAL ”Scarnival”

Self-released – 2012 – Germany

A band from Germany named SCARNIVAL present with their self-titled EP their debut.

You might refer to the sound of SCARNIVAL as Melodic Death Metal. Melodic guitar riffs come upon Death Metal base frames. Skilful mingled this results in the unique sound of the band. Based on well-known Swedish role models like IN FLAMES the band is successful to constitute independent sounds. Agressiveness and rage literally sparkle out of the songs and spread to the listener. Energetic and unfiltered „Scarnival“ tears forward. The listener is literally carried away by this demolition bombed power. Distinctive, thrilling dark growls yet reinforce this impression. Here is no breathing time and a good thing, too! Because of this Melodic Death Metal also sounds in the year 2013 innovative and nevertheless hard. In order to come to know SCARNIVAL better the gents shot a video for the song “Easy Solution“. Check out the band. It’s worth it!!!

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