SCARECROW NWA ”Transgression”

Noisehead Records – 2013 – Austria

The Austrians SCARECROW N.W.A. released in September 2013 their already fifth longplayer. It is called “Transgression“ and is distributed via Noiseheadrecords.
The gents play broadly speaking Death Metal. But, to diminish the band only of this genre alone would not live up them. Death Metal base frames get with several Black Metal and melodic influences to a dark, independent musical mass. It is powerful and full of energy. Hate, despair and aggressiveness within your reach. SCARECROW N.W.A. come without much technical folderol straight to the point. The songs go straight into the ear where they determine. Melodic guitar solis relax the tensely atmosphere a bit, The powerful, piercing vocals give additionally the main points. Here is headbanging non-stop the order of the day! Very technical and professional recorded, emotions, darkness as well as the melodic aspect are implemented here well. “Transgression“ got a very diversified cd which you should take at any case to heart!!!!


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