Scarlet Records – 2010 – Italy

SAWTHIS, ex name was SOTHIS, has begun to music life in 1997. They have two demos and one album before, and the second album was released in last May. I had a communication with the band but I had no chance to listen to their album. But now, I can say that this is the most original album released from Italy recently.

Unless I knew the band is Italian, I would think that the band is from around Middle-East. Generally, we can define the band with the scream and clean vocals together as a metalcore band, but their music sometimes resembles to Swedish Melodic Metal and sometimes resembles to thrash metal. On the other hand, it is possible to find oriental effects like clarion or tomtom. In terms of sound, we can say that they have full and hard death metal or hardcore sound.

My favourite song in the album is Barabba and I think that song is enough to define the band’s style. I can suggest people this band listening to melodic metal and metalcore genres. It is original and a different work, I think it is successful.


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