SATYRICON – “Satyricon”

Roadrunner Records-2013-Norway
For some time now has Satyricon left the path that they once started to walk and with their fourth album they have shown that they don’t want to go back there. Since then, they recorded some albums that for some of their old fans weren’t Satyricon anymore and this new album will also be a shock. On this new album you can find some elements which you haven’t heard from Satyricon yet such as clean vocals, Rock’n’Roll riffs and some others. The atmosphere here on this record even has from time to time some old Tiamat elements in it from the “Wildhoney” times. This isn’t so bad how it may sound now. Actually, this is a quiet good album, especially after the album “The Age Of Nero” which was a total failure in my opinion. Of course that this album is not “Nemesis Divina” Part 2 or something that we are used by now from them, but it is a very well made and interesting album to listen too. I admire their will to try something new but to be still the band (or at least most part of it) instead of starting to copy themselves or betray themselves. I can’t say that here on this album are any hits that will survive the test of time, but there are some tracks there that deserve some attention. “Phoenix” and “Nocturnal Flare” and “Our World, It Rumbles Tonight” are certainly such albums.


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