SATYRICON – ”Live At The Opera”

Napalm Records – 2015 -Norway

Finally the DVD from Satyricon is released and all I can say is well done to this interesting record. One of the longest playing band in the history of Norwegian Black Metal recorded a DVD from a concert where they played together with a choir songs from almost their entire discography. Unfortunately, their first two records are not represented here on this which is in my opinion a shame since it would sound interesting to hear some of those songs this way, but also the album “The Age Of Nero” isn’t represented too much here which is something that I can live with. Most songs here on this record are from their previous album with some of their older jewels as well like “Mother North”, etc. For a long time we were able to enjoy the song “Phoenix” from this concert on Youtube which was released as a official video for that record from which it came. The choir did an awesome job in the songs and they didn’t drawn the songs too much as it was the case when some other bands tried something like this to make a record/DVD where they played together with an orchestra or a choir. The only funny thing here is to see the fans sitting during the entire concert here since there was no chance of standing. The DVD was recorded in an Opera so sitting was the only way. It’s not funny in a laughable way; it is just that it looks strange to see a Black Metal concert this way.


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