It seems like Satanized has a history of 3,5/4 years, however you aren’t seen around much. Can you tell us about the period of settling down of the band?
Satanized has been found by Angramainyu and Dahaka. Then Daeva joined just after a few months. We had a common point ideologically and afterwards the first composes have been made. While the composes were developing, there has been some member changes. The reasons that we aren’t seen much around in last two years are the member changes and our vocal’s injury.

How long did it take to make ”Possessed by Darkness” ? Where did you make the records ?
The composes had been made 3-4 years ago however the recording process took nearly four months. It’s a home record.

We see mystical themes and mythological inspirations exorbitantly in Satanized’s composes. What is the kind of Black Metal that Satanized perform ?
Our sound is near Melodic Black Metal however because of the ethnic melodies in our songs we can also say Folk Black Metal. All in all, we prefer simply ‘’Black Metal’’.

Lyrically, you have Eastern and Persian elements. Whose idea was that to add mythologic components ?
We have always preferred eastern music to western music from the beginning. Also, Angramainyu, Dahaka and Beliar has an interest on Persian Mythology.

Your records had been listened by many people via MySpace. How are the reactions?
Generally positive. To be honest, we had not been planning such an interest.

Let’s talk about your deal with record label, Thorn Laceration Records. Will they send EPs to Turkey or distribute EPs only to international distros ?
We will do the distribution in Turkey and Cyprus with our friends help. On the other hand anyone who wants to have the EP can contact with us. In addition, we have some CDs to send our connections abroad and our current label will also distribute CDs to distros, fanzins and radios.

What do you think about the Black Metal in Turkey ? Why the development is so slow ? The lack of musical qualifications or the lack of image?
To be realistic, we have many handicaps since we live in this country. We even heard things like ‘’How do you perform Black Metal there ? Aren’t there Islamic Laws?’’ Since there are millions of Black Metal bands around the world today, you have to care about everything; artwork, music, costumes… However; the bands in Turkey are trying to handicap one another by forming their own crew. Unless people stop this and support one another we do not think the Turkish Black Metal will develop.

How are the reactions to your artwork, costumes and stage performance?
Stage performance has a vital importance for a band. You have to do more than making people listen mp3 on stage. If you are a Black Metal band you have to give an extra effort on artwork. The reactions were great since we pay enough attention.

Are you thinking of making an album ? Are you planing to distribute your records ?
We started to work fort the album just after the EP. The composes are almost ready, we are making some final arrangements. Recording session will start soon. We are planing to do this Project more patiently since we want to have a better thing than our EP. We will send our CDs to our supporters in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Holland, America, some fanzins, and some radios.

Which one would you prefer, being a stage band or a studio band? I mean there are bands which are on stage in almost every concert. What do you think about fans ?
We are not making a background music for something else. As a result we have strict rules about the concert places. We just want a group of people who really wants to listen music. In this case the place doesn’t matter much.

Will the new songs be in the same line or are you thinking of any changes ?
We want to have a better sound quality but our general theme will not change, actually we do not think our general theme will change during our musical carrier.

Where do you think Satanized is after you look to Black Metal bands which came to Turkey?
The bands in Turkey do not care stage performing enough. Since we do our work with our feelings, we think we are doing a better job than the others. On the other hand, this is not a fight of being a leader. We care about our business they care about theirs. We do not think this is a proper comparison.

Your album cover works are really successful. Who gives the idea ? You have a cover called ‘’Possessed by Darkness’’. What was planned to show people in this cover?
Every single member in Satanized has different tasks to do. Angramainyu does the artwork designs. In Possessed by Darkness, we symbolized the religion wars and the planted visions in peoples mind as a dungeon. Because the humanity has to live in that dungeon. The Satan in our lyrics are not the common thing comes to mind. The Satan concept that we use is, if the path of god; to kill people’s free will, to show everything behind a curtain, the ‘’Satan’’ is the thing that stands against this god.

Which band would you be proud of to play before ?
We are not a band which is able to choose the band that we play before. However, we would be proud to play before a band like Immortal.

Those were my questions. Any final notes to your fans? Thank you…
Thanks for the interview. Anyone who is curious about us and anyone who wants to listen may visit our MySpace.

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