SARATAN ”Antireligion”

My Kingdom Music – 2010 – Poland

A native of Krakow Saratan grows slowly on our leading representative of Polish thrash metal scene. By the way it is interesting that this genre is so popular in this city, enough to even bring up the name Whorehouse czy Virgin Snatch. “Antireligion” is another very good material in the acquis Saratan. Brings us a dose of technically impeccable, playing with energy production at the world level. The sound is very modern and clear. The music itself also has gained in value, the tracks are more aggressive and thoughtful. The momentum seems to be more massive and very breakable. In this aspect, there is no cliché-drummer is not a frequent refrain from enrichment of their playing with great elements, interesting transitions, etc., and on a pretty good speed. Guitars are nicely balanced, with an appropriate dose of power. A little machinehead taste occurring sometimes add harmonics and a total work of Saratan sounds like a mix of this team of Testament and Exodus. Quite interesting bass work, his solos emerge particularly when the dismissals. On this CD could not miss the guitar performances, which recruited celebrities such as Hiro from Sceptic, Decapitated Wacek or Daniel in the Redemptor. The team also does not shrink from such diversions as acoustic interludes in “Crave Suicide” or “Antireligion II. In this second issue is also a quasi-oriental song of a lady-a cool, unconventional patent. Home vocal based primarily on the appropriate horny, screamed singing perfectly fulfilling their duties here. Studio album reminds me irresistibly Hermh, just in this aspect could be better. But most important is to evaluate the content, not packaging, and it happens to be, as they say: high five!


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