SAMMATH”Godless Arrogance”

Hammerhearth Records -2014- Netherlands

The German / Dutch band SAMMATH are already since 1995 musical active. The trio released last year with their new label Hammerheart Records their fifth cd which is called “Godless Arrogance“.

The guys present here Old School Black Metal the way it should be! Hard thrashing which comes in uncompromising and relentless fills the room. The little short of inhuman fast doubleblast drumming still does one last thing to emphasize brutality and rawness of the production. Here rotates the neck muscle non-stop! Conscious simple kept song structures which expedite coldness and hopelessness. Infinite hate within your reach! The listener can hear the torments of hell and the rage in each note. Supported by the very emotional of vocalist, guitarist and bassist Jan Kruitwagen you feel straight relegated into the good old days of the Black Metal. He (Jan Kruitwagen) is by the way also responsible for the entire music. Driven by darkness and despite bizarre worlds of ice and misanthrophy emerge. Sheer emotions. You hear here distinctly that grown musicians were here at work who are able to implement their visions of Black Metal 100 percent. A very intense album which I c an only recommend to each Black Metal fan!!!!


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