SADIZTIK IMPALER ”Sadiztik Syonan – To Supremacy”

Ketzer Records – 2005 – Singapur

Sadiztik Impaler is the first band that I’ve listened from Singapur, for this reason I don’t know what genre the bands from Singapor play. SI is really cruel, raw and speed black metal, all the songs are fast.

The band is based on Satanism. Lyrics are merciless, aggression from first minute to the last, to give an example the music is like Marduk and Dark Funeral after 99. The riffs aren’t same all the time, there is a little melodic background, technical drums and speed, this is briefly what the band is.

Asian scene is getting bigger and better from day to day, still some people call themselves the biggest band in Asia, but it’s clear they haven’t listened SI. The album is produced from Ketzer Records and Twilight Productions, and it’s limited with 2000 copies. The cover has nothing different, so is the booklet.

My favourite songs in the album are; “Black Fucking Metal, Warrior of Satan, Conquered by Evil”. There are intros to the songs, shortly this album is a must have.


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