SACCADE ”Death, Crust, Satanique”

Maltkross Productions – 2012 – Canada

The Canadians SACCAGE are already since 2007 on the road on musical Metal pathes. Recently their first full-length cd which is called “Death, Crust, Satanique“ was published.

And it gets straight down to the nitty-gritty! A definition of only one genre is not possible here and surely unintended of the band! Severe Death Metal / Crust thrashing is beaten round the listeners’ head. SACCAGE roll damned dark and with many Thrash Metal influences like a flood wave across the country. Fresh, snotty songs which come in impetuous and raw. The songs ooze of power and wildness. Crazy riffs used now and then reinforce the brute character. Highspeed drumming and memorable vocals round off the descent into hell in terms of all in all nine songs. Here is steady stepped on the gas in the upper mid tempo area without showing any symptoms of fatigue! “Death, Crust, Satanique“ is a cd which definitively goes forwards and comes in extremely sweeping. The guys of SACCAGE delivered here loud, wicked and full of joy of playing a pretty good opus. To ckeck them out is a MUST!

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