ROMPEPROP ”Gargle Cummics”

Bizarre Leprous Productions – 2010 – Netherlands

Finally the ultimate Dutch gore/grind masters ROMPEPROP are back to life with a new full-length album titled “Gargle Cummics”.This record offers 16 tracks in the well known ROMPEPROP style – groovy,funny and brutal as hell music.After the somehow moronic intro “Quackquack”,the first real track “Foreskin Fart” bursts out and it gets mercilessly clear that the old farts from ROMPEPROP will not disappoint anyone into gore/grind with their new offering.The unique gurgling vocals are here,so are the heavy riffs and the grinding drumming.All tracks are fast and brutal,separated by various audio samples from movies.But the highlight in “Gargle Cummics” is definitely “Porn To Be Wild” – an insane version of STEPPENWOLF’s rock anthem “Born To Be Wild”.In case you are in need of a good filthy gore/grind fun,the new ROMPEPROP album is just for you!They are back,sicker than ever,and this record is definitely worth listening!


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