RISING DARK”Apocalyptic”

SG Records – 2011 – Italy

As an extreme metal fan I have never found my way into Italian metal at all. Only few exceptions made it to my list of favorite metal bands so that I decided to give this album a listen. I wasn’t expecting that much, so here is the story of me and this record.

Apocalyptic… what a boring intro for an album, “blah, blah, blah,” for less than 2 minutes that even makes you regret buying it.

But suddenly, Armageddon starts to fuck everything with its killer riffs! This track will blow your mind to feed your soul with massive moshpit atmosphere. What can I say about this young group? This is real war that I’m listening to. It will take so long to explain every track and every structure in this album. But in few simple words, “a killer riff in every corner”.

‘Till you reach the longest song here, “The Bofoid”, which is 07:47, you may expect a slow classical intro and long solo or extremely repetitive riffs. But no, this song is the heaviest so far, with more extreme vocals, massive thrash riffs and killer shredding solos. This song is my favorite.

One song before the final track was titled “Your Blood on My Hands”. Another thrash smashing fest in the face, and for sure the greatest hit in this full metal album! Insanity and speed meets in this track to show no mercy for the faint of heart.

Musically, rhythm guitars are awesome, leads and solos are remarkable, drums are well done and full of energy needed for moshing tracks, and the bass lines are, indeed, great as well.

Last thing I need to mention is the final track titled “Phoenix”. Guys, for fuck sake what the hell is this? I did not get the message you want to deliver! What a slow and emotional track to add on this war album!? Sadly the piano bass and leads are good; the vocals needs so much work. But my opinion is still, this song is a very wrong choice for a thrash metal band.

After all I think this band made it to my top Italian list, and I recommend this album to the guys who are looking for extremity in thrash.

Wish you all luck in your future and please don’t let me down with songs like the Phoenix.


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