RIGHT TO THE VOID ”It Has to be Done”

Self-released – 2010 – France

The French RIGHT TO THE VOID are heard from again. Their follow-up album for the 2010 released EP “It Has To Be Done“ is there! It is called “Kingdom Of Vanity“ and will be released at the beginning of this year via WormHoleDeath Records.

After a very melodic, short intro show RIGHT TO THE VOID at “Phoenix“ at the latest where the journey will lead us to. You can hear Deathcore through and through. Brutal Death Metal riffs mix with Metalcore base frames to an independent mixture. Severe doubleblast drumming reinforces the aggressiveness of the production. Forceful bass lines and distinctive growls give additional energy and power. In spite of the aggressiveness of “Kingdom Of Vanity“ the melodic insertions as well as some Thrash Metal elements get already your attention and take away a bit of the hardness of the cd. They relax “Kingdom Of Vanity“ a bit which benefits the productions’s multifacetedness. Nagging vocals which may also be growls are presented very expressive and ambitious to the listener. Halting riffs which are inserted now and then also show the versatility of the band. RIGHT TO THE VOID are successful to combine with “Kingdom Of Vanity“ Death Metal with melodies without thereby loosing their independent chararacter. Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!

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