RICHTWERK ”Nicht Im Selben Angesicht”

Self-released – 2013 – Germany

The German band RICHTWERK already exists since 2010. They put in August 2013 their EP “Nicht Im Selben Angesicht“ on the Metal scene.

RICHTWERK play Metal, no more, no less. Straight and outright into the listeners’ face! Metal riffs which make a lasting impression build the base frame. Forceful basslines come in addition which run like a thread through the all in all five songs and cater for the necessary energy. Together with a powerful drumming results this in a hard musical mass which sounds independent and innovative. The distinctive vocals yet reinforce the aggressiveness and give sustainability. Thus develop songs which have punch and self.assertion and which sound anything but soft or lame. Here is opened the throttle from the first to the last minute. You can hear in each note the bands’ joy of playing which let the band sound fresh and unconsumed. A furhter advantage of “Nicht Im Selben Angesicht“ is in my mind that all lyrics are written in German language. They differ only therefore of many other Metal productions. Dedicated and with much blood, sweat and tears recorded, I can only recommend RICHTWERK. Buy “Nicht Im Selben Angesicht!. You won’t regret it!!!

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