Revision, Revised – Amethyst (Official Live Music Video)

"First single of 2022, trying to follow up 2021 after being fan voted in welcome to Rockville. The breakdown drop is pretty tasty after the first chorus and a shredgy solo before the last chorus! "

Official Press Information

Blending energetic riffs with catchy modern rock hooks, Revision, Revised brings their newest single “Amethyst” After a promising 2021 being fan-voted onto Daytona’s Welcome To Rockville with bands such as Metallica, Slipknot and more, They look to expand even further in 2022 with this starting their journey early.

A mix of heavy and clean is what the band has become known for recently as they blend technical guitar riffs with modern Hard Rock anthem style choruses. A massive breakdown is also a staple and can pull out a wicked guitar solo when they want as featured in this song. An insane vocal range showcased at the end of the song double choruses really proves these guys can do it all.

Revision, Revised brings their highly anticipated 2nd album for fans of Bring Me The Horizon, I, Prevail & Ice Nine Kills summer of 2021.

Embracing the darker side of modern metalcore to focus and deliver on a truly unique style, This 5 piece Metalcore / Hard Rock outfit from Ohio have started to embark on their 2nd album with producer Lee Albrecht / with over half the album already finished, [RR] will debut the first single off the album this winter with “Call Of The Haunted”

Their second effort consists of massive guitar and intricate drum patterns along with a unique theatrical sampling style by blending eerie and orchestral settings.

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