REVEL IN FLESH ”Deathevokation”

F.D.A. Rekotz – 2012 – Germany

REVEL IN FLESH is the brainchild of two Germans going by the names of Maggesson (drums/lead guitars) and Haubersson (vocals/bass/guitars).Obviously those guys have a strong love for oldschool death metal because “Deathevokation” is one solid piece of death metal mainly influenced by the Swedish death metal sound from the beginning of the 90’s.Of course you can expect that since the band is named after a track from ENTOMBED’s legendary debut “Left Hand Path”.Just hear the second track “Shadowbreeder” and you’ll find out the recognizable guitar riffing of GRAVE and DISMEMBER.Some black metal influences also can be detected here and there like for example in the spiteful “Wings of Death”.One of my favourite tracks in “Deathevokation” became “Black Paled Elegy” because of its grinding rhythm combined with some good melodic guitars.The last song in this album is a cover version of BENEDICTION’s “Subconscious Terror” but for some reason it is written “Subconscious Error” so there is an error indeed.There is nothing more to be said about this record.REVEL IN FLESH play decent Swedish death metal which will give pleasure to the ears of all fans of this cult genre.”Deathevokation” is nothing stunningly original but in case you are looking for more GRAVE/ENTOMBED worshipping bands then you should give an ear to REVEL IN FLESH.


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