Return Of The Soul – Disconnect

This song is about a man who suffers from loneliness. It cannot connect to the neurones due to some problems. He leaves the house and begs the sky for rain.

Entire new album “Digital Dream” is conceptual. All songs are connected by a single story about a world where people spend most of their time in virtual reality. This song tells about the main character of the story. Return of the Soul and plays modern metal and dark metal music. The band was formed in April 2018 in Yekaterinburg (Russia).

The debut album INTERLACING OF WORLDS  received positive reviews from various publications (Metal Hammer Portugal, Metal Temple, Metal Addict’s, GBHBL, Mastersland, Astarta and more). The version of song Honesty In Death was rated by Paradise Lost musicians and their manager Vicky Langham.  The single Disconnect got into the OPTIMUS METALLUM playlist on Apple Music. In addition, the songs are played on the online radio Goth’N’Metal and Trigger FM, and on various Russian rock radio.

Now the group is actively live performing. And we continue to work on the second part of the new album.

Band members:

• Ovinov Dmitriy – all music and lyrics, synths, arrangement

• Irkibaev Max – guitars, music, arrangement

• Gusev Vyacheslav – vocals

• Khrulev Sergey – bass guitar

• Kuznetsov Anatoliy – drums

• Brodskiy Andrey (Slaughtered Studio) – mixing and mastering

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