REMAINS ”Angels Burned”

Ablaze Records -2014- Mexico

REMAINS are from Mexico. They released in April 2014 their cd “Angels Burned“ with the help of their label Alaze Productions.
The gents play here Old School Death Metal. No more, no less. They come straight to the point without any experiments or much technical folderol. Energetic riffs and solis which leave no doubt what’s this all about and the powerful however never superimposing doubleblast drumming generate the musical base frame. Thereby the riffs are relatively diversified. The solis go partially into the Thrash Metal area which gives the production still more flavour. Forceful bass-lines give additionally the main points. REMAINS renounce here of dull thrashing.Who however expects a slow speed prodution will be dissappointed. “Angels Burned“ moves in the upper mid tempo area. The fast passages alternate with slower parts so that a certain dynamic originates and that guaranteed no boredom arising. REMAINS know what they want musically and literally thrill the listener. Recorded with much blood, sweat and tears you should take the cd to heart by all means!!!!


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