REDEEMED IN PAIN ”Redeemed In Pain”

Some time ago the Germans REDEEMED IN PAIN put their same-named 4-track demo in in-house production on the market.

The gents offer here modern Death Metal at its finest to the listener. Riddled with aplenty of Deathcore influences the all in all four songs come across fresh and energetic. Diversified riffs which atomise bite and energy mingle with Death Metal base frames to an independent musical mass. Thereby is kept an eye on hardness and speed at any time. Supported by forceful bass lines and melodic parts which reflect innovation and hardness is headbanging the order of the day! Round off by powerful, dark growls this results in the distinctive sound of the band. Thereby REDEEMED IN PAIN display a tremendous joy of playing. Productional you also can’t grumble a lot. REDEEMED IN PAIN show with their demo that you can develop quite good songs with the mingling of different genres. I can only recommend the gents and I am already very curious what else we will hear in the future!!!!

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