Reap the Light – Back to Bedlam (feat.Tim Ripper Owens)

Reap The Light is an American hard rock/metal band that formed in late 2020. They consist of a core duo, Reverend Kuzz (bass/guitar) and Orion Hellraiser (guitars/drums). Both members grew up on a steady diet of rock and heavy metal, though Reverend Kuzz was initially a published author. Wanting to write song lyrics, Kuzz decided he needed to work with an experienced musician, which led to working with Orion Hellraiser. Orion is a composer and produced from Mexico, his music is mainly inspired by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands, thrash and heavy metal. Combining their respective gifts to write and record the songs, they collaborate with numerous lead vocalists, both male and female, giving Reap The Light a refreshing and versatile sound. Having completed their debut album, Deliver Hell, they are currently collaborating with Tim “Ripper” Owens on a song called Back To Bedlam.

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