RÄUM – Cursed by the Crown (Live Session)

Recorded on 22th of January 2022 at Pôle Image - Liège

Räum is a 4 pieces unit, a post-black metal project that’ll offer you a path through our hopes, our vices and decadence. This project was created during the 2020’s summer by Geoff and Xavier, they were quickly joined by Olivier and Dina. Those 4 guys are already known in the local scene through projects like Face the truth, Dawnbreath, and kiss the goat. After a very fast creating process the first LP had been recorded under the supervision of Gilles Demolder. It will be released in 2022´s summer.

End of 2021 Räum made his first live appearance. Several gigs are already scheduled for 2022.
About the song: Cursed by the Crown is a 10-minute long piece that elaborates step by step on the fact that our species will ultimately disappear. The bitter end was foreseen by the creator from the origin.

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