QUO VADIS ”Infernal Chaos”

Twilight/Chaos Records – 2010 – Poland

Polish band Quo Vadis is with us with their 8th full album. This is the second album to date recorded in english, of the band which formed in 1986. The album consists on 11 tracks and labeled as Twilight/Chaos Records. Even the band called as death/thrash band, when you listen the album, you’ll notice a big difference that thrash is dominant. Still Quo Vadis made it extraordinary and create progressive impact. And this effects saved the album of being monotonous. Album starts with ‘Caducus’. With the power of clean drums and guitar tone, it seems that vocals have stayed in the background. Second track ‘Blood For Oil’ is a remarkable work with the lyrics; with the hate that they feel about communism, reflecting their political views; didn’t refrain from criticism of negative thoughts. Following track ‘Bomb & Fire’ born from a combination of interaction of east and Balkan melodies with combination of thrash metal. Again one of the remarkable pieces, ’Chaos’ starts with nice and catchy trash riifs in a strong way. Actually this is one of the tracks that I liked but there is something wrong about it; the old school thrash way drums is too much for the track, or the vocals are just not enough… ‘East vs. West’ could take your attention with lyrics and ‘Nimue’ is a track that you might like. About ‘Evil Dad’, it starts with the style that you get used to know from old school thrash bands with its drums. And last track ‘Russia’ ends the album in a solid way. But frankly I didn’t find this album as a very successful one. Diversity is good, yes but ours is little like a soup… Also the vocals felt like there is always something missing. Still there are some parts to take notice so I’m gonna have to say ‘it’s okay, not bad’. Polish Marek “Ptyœ” Jastrzêbski made the artwork of cover. But the previous design censored because of having a nazi symbol. Anyway as a result, the album is not a death, not progressive nor thrash; just thrash is dominant in the music. So I can’t say that I’m amused. It’s your decision…


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