PYRE ” Human Hecatomb”

Chaos Records – 2014- Russia

The Russian band PYRE put in the year 2012 their cd “Ravenous Desease“ with the help of the label Black Harvest on the market.
You can hear here Old School Death Metal through and through. An unholy alliance between straight, hard riffs and a powerful drumming. Embedded in genre typic solis which fit in perfect into the overall structure. It develops a certain dynamic by the aggressive drumming which becomes the production. The old school riffs are partially very long and wide without sounding boring. To the contrary: They emphasize the aggressive character and bring additionally a lot of energy. The snotty, pervasively vocals are here yet the icing on the cake. Four songs originated this way which come in very energetic based on the old Swedish Death Metal and nevertheless have sufficient self-assertion. Very raw and primordial recorded PYRE are successful in transporting the old school Death Metal into the today’s era. Meanwhile the men released a full-length cd via Chaos Records which is called “Human Hecatomb“ and which is released this year. So, watch out for more! It’s worth it!!!!


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