PROTEAN ”The Burning Centuries”

Beverina Productions -2015 – Latvia

PROTEAN released late last year their first cd named “The Burning Centuries“. The opus was produced by the Latvians in in-house production.
What can I expect here? Black Metal, no more, no less. Halting riffs remind me a little bit of dark Doom productions which gives the whole an additional morbid, scary complexion. PROTEAN renounce in general of songs in highspeed format. You rather partially feel being into a soundtrack of an horror movie. But, don’t worry! The necessary hardness is offered by an aggressive, but not overlaying drumming by a drum computer. It originates a pitch-black atmosphere which is scary and hard at the same time. Diversified, very technical played riffs give the prodution a modern, partially a bit futuristic complexion. The dark growls of vocalist Jänis are thereby yet the icing on the cake which you don’t forget that fast. A deep emotional journey which isn’t ordinary. It attracts and fascinates the listener. The relatively long songs show the variety and technical adeptness of the band and let develop musical worlds of arkness and misanthropy. A demolition bomb of darkness which you should have listen to by all means!!!!


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