Project Sapiens Released A New Video “It is I (OMV) Online!


Introducing Copenhagen-based progressive metal band, Project Sapiens! This dynamic duo, consisting of composer and multi-instrumentalist, Poul Jakobsen, and singer, Mads Rahbæk, released their debut 5-track EP Here We Are in August of 2018 and have returned two years later with their new concept EP, Improbus. Serving as a progressive metal musical about a lonely demon that’s rightfully named, Improbus, that decides to invade earth in his pursuit of happiness. Coming along with an animated YouTube mini-series that helps bring the epic audio concept to life in a creatively, fun way.


“‘It Is I’ introduces the listener to the whole hell-ish universe and Improbus himself. It’s a raw metal arrangement with aggressive guitars and vocals, combined with smooth melodies that could fit equally well on Broadway. Improbus reveals his feelings of loneliness and sadness in hell, despite his impressive castle and status in hell. He declares his return to earth, and so it happens that three students eating mushrooms decide to summon the mighty demon for fun in their dorm room. The song sets the stage for the rest of the album, where we learn more about his epic return to earth and the evil plan that he has prepared to rule all of humankind.” – Project Sapiens

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