PROFANAL ”Black Chaos”

Iron Tyrant – 2012 – Italy

PROFANAL are from Italy. Last year they released with “Black Chaos“ their first full-length cd.

After a very depressing, little short of Industrial seeming intro in which you can hear people scream it goes with ”Walls Of Agony” straight flat out! Here is indulged Old School Death Metal and that not too small. It gets here raw and impetuous down to the nitty-gritty. PROFANAL offer to the listener without experiments and technical folderol nine pure Death Metal songs. The songs tear with a mind-blowing speed into the listeners’ auditory canal where they stick awhile. PROFANAL bubbling over with energy and also rekindle the old Swedish Death Metal. The songs go definitively forwards. The band knows what they want and consequently implement this. You hear with each note that here were grown musicians at work. Female vocalist Rosy definitively stands here her own ground and growls as if there was no tomorrow. Very ambitious and involved recorded you can’t grumble here also productional. A must – buy for all Death Metal fans!!!!

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