PRIMORDIAL ” Where Greater Men Have Fallen”

Metal Blade Records – 2014 – Ireland

Primordial are one of those bands who stay true to their style and who developed through the years a very unique style. Their new album is a good proof for that. Again, they give to their fans a new record which doesn’t follow any trends and which is Primordial to the core. Interesting for me is that it still doesn’t sound boring to me. Other bands that hold too much to their style start to become boring after some time, but this is not the case with them. I guess that this is because they bring into their music so many emotions that you can enjoy and feel every new record.There are not many changes since their last album and this one. The production is the same as it was on their previous release. Neither clean, nor dirty. Just the way it fits the best for this kind of music. Alan’s voice is still very emotional and I dare to say “Irish”. Not Irish in a happy St. Patrick’s Day mood, but deep and full of sorrow like their national songs. The speed of the songs here on this album is still slow to mid tempo with
occasional blast speed parts like in the song “The Seed Of Tyrants” which is the only faster song here. All the others are in the classical Primordial vein. Sure, here are no such things as hits in the commercial way on this album, but I guess that by now we all knowthat Primordial never tried to do such thing. Off course there are songs here which are “hits”, but not in the common sense of the word. Each and every song here, is a hit of its own when you use this word to describe a song which you would listen to over and over
again just because you like it.


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