Pridian – Deadfall

Pridian is a modern metal band from Estonia, formed in 2018, then known under the moniker ÆØNS. Pridian strives to explore industrial soundscapes and low-tuned riffs with a strong backbeat that can move the crowd and shake festival stages.

While infusing cinematic and electronic instrumentation into their sound is a big part, the main theme and inspiration for the band come from imbuing everything they see and feel around them. Pridian draws its sound and message from other creative works, a world in turmoil, and the need for constant self-growth.

“Deadfall” is the next step of Pridian’s new sound. In the same vein as their debut single “Soft Gold”, it combines dark and heavy guitar riffs, however, “Deadfall” ventures into much darker territories sonically and thematically. The track is a heavy hitter and brings on a relentless wave of breakdowns.

The visual aspect of “Deadfall” was produced by Riivata Visuals, a prominent Finnish video production company. They have worked with artists such as Fear Factory, Humanity’s Last Breath, Allt, and Vola among others.

“Deadfall” was mixed by Jörg-Erik Hanikat (Leveler Audio) and mastered by Joel Wanasek, who is known for his work for bands like Attila, Monuments, Machine Head, Blessthefall, and many more.

About Pridian’s second single, the band’s vocalist (Laur Lindmäe) stated:

“Each and every soul has a breaking point. This song depicts the chaos unleashed once the line has been crossed.

We are not testing subjects, we are not experiments.”

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