PRELUDIUM ”Impending Hostility”

Diabolical Conquest Records – 2010 – Poland

‘This is sheer RUTHLESSNESS’ is the exact sentence that strewn in my head when I listened Impending Hostility for the first time. This release by the band ‘PRELUDIUM’ presently reminds us the glorious Death/Black Metal dominance world over by the much celebrated or for some under-rated Polish scene.

The album opener Legacy of Destination is a death march to annihilation. As soon as that gruesome double vocal attack creeps in you know it’s a straight out marching to war for some fanatical killings. The guitar riffs are heavy and the driving solos are short and raspy with very Behemoth-ish tone. Blast beats are gruesomely played very well. The track ‘Desolation’ is a mass killing warcraft in the form of harmonic pinches. Lukasz’s vocals have really come full throttle in this track and the almost chanting hymn like growls adds an eerie finish to the track. The one track that stands out and really need a special mention is ‘Bitter Cold’, a vast chunk of which hugely reminds of the classic As Above so Below. An addictive mid paced track with substantial riffing and fair drumming, this track though slower lacks no power or heaviness and the cruel break down towards the ending portion does no good to your already near broken neck.

The moment you set play to this album you realize that you are delving into a tyrannical sphere of Preludium where you will be treated ruthlessly with those sonic arsenals that they posses in the form of guitars, drums and that dense guttural shouts.

The band hasn’t experimented with anything fresh and at some point the drumming patterns may sound too repetitive but ‘Impending Hostility’ is a straight forward atrocious album with quality deliverance of attitude and musicianship; A brilliant demonstration of utter brutal-ness and intimidating aural warfare stories. A must have. A must listen.


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