Post Death Soundtrack – Veil Lifter Album Review

Independent Release – 2024 – Canada

POST DEATH SOUNDTRACK’s fourth full-length album Veil Lifter is a 10-track Molotov cocktail of doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash metal. After experimenting with the orchestrated industrial sound of their third album It Will Come Out of Nowhere, Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore have taken a sharp turn towards a rebellious, organic, and yet vibrant sound. This fresh ‘doom grunge’ approach is fuelled by their early influences Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and The Stooges, as well as artists like Russian Circles, Windhand, Queens of the Stone Age, and YOB who redefined heavy music for a new era. Sludge doom-signaling riffs, the furious ups and downs of hardcore music, hypnotizing post-metal tones, and interspersed grooves create a wonderful ambiance. Let’s analyze the Veil Lifter album in depth now.

It isn’t easy because I don’t listen to and follow such intertwined music styles. But that doesn’t mean I won’t listen to this band :), yes, an album I look at has emerged from a professional point of view. The style mentioned above blend is the most basic characteristic of the band’s music vision.

Chaotic and deep vocals, clean vocals in general, but sad, unhappy, and intense guitar tones reflect the general atmosphere of the songs. The vocals sound quite effective and deep. The song traffic integrated with the guitar solos, arpeggiated stops, and ascents have revealed the sound quality.

It seems that the cold and gloomy atmosphere of Canada has breathed well into the songs. The song Icy Underground impressed me a lot. 11 songs of psychedelic and ‘grunge’ doom metal atmosphere, and I haven’t listened to much like this.

Thematically, Veil Lifter is provocative, sharp, and completely uncensored. A stirring call to spiritual arms. A meditation on mental illness and its underlying pervasiveness in the collective psyche. A bold statement of terrible truths and a kind of prayer. ‘Veil Lifter’ is taken from the Eastern philosophy-inspired phrase ‘lifting the veil of ignorance’. This name points to the inner, beyond the myriad of external forms and ideas that mask it. Shamanic visions, shadowy dreamscapes, a scorched Earth, and an unrelenting urge for solace lead the protagonist to retreat into the icy waters underground before facing the mountain of renewal and non-conformity.

Released on 16 April 2024, I have listened to this album a few times before. While writing these lines, I think I may have spun the album for the 5th time. In summary, a very original work has emerged, a technical, dark, creative, and chaotic band, I think brutal vocals can go very well in some places. You can see that the band consists of two people and they prefer a very simple photo. If I talk about the album cover, it feels like a death metal band.


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