PHIDION – Flesh of the Forsaken

Demo – 2012 -Sweden

Swedish band Phidon released their first serious demo record named Flesh of the Forsaken through their own efforts.Actually songwriting and style of vocals are very proper but drum machine that band used in this record is in a stage of very elemantary and not show us much effort as tunes and writing abilities and by the way this makes this record very mechanic.
If the band examine their drum sound in a way of much more proper and performs a sound and songwriting in a higher level of ear-bleeding, and then I am sure that reviewing of their songs and Phidon’s records will be more easier for listeners and reviewers in future.Phidon plays death metal but not in the way of old school like many bands do nowadays,they play death metal effected thrash metal in a sound of high-speed and dirty rhytms.Although they are a band of 10 years history,they have just started to record,I hope that we will see Phidon near future with a real drummer and more proper records.


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